Sunday School

Our Sunday School meets at 9:45 am and is for all ages. we have separate classes for preschoolers, for middle schoolers (grades 6-8), and for senior highs (grades 9-12).

Confirmation Class for 6-8th graders begins after the first of the year 2018. Planning for that class is taking place in November and December.

We have six adult classes. Curriculum and format varies from class to class to provide many options to fill a variety of needs. Each adult Sunday School class also plans their own fellowship activities and mission projects. There is a class for you.
Adult Class

Grades K-5 attend the Amazement Park. The Amazement Park is based on the workshop rotational model where children participate in a different workshop each week for a five-week rotation period focusing on a single Bible passage or topic. The different workshops include Bible Bytes, which is a computer lab. Thessalonians Theater is our drama and puppet workshop. Esther’s Eatery meets in the kitchen where food and cooking is used to teach the story. J.C. Cinema has a popcorn machine to accompany a video. Goliath Games and Skills meets in a large room for lots of activity where they learn the who, what, and where of the story through a variety of games. Creation Carousel is our art workshop. Each rotation is concluded with Celebration Sunday, where we review and celebrate what we have learned, and do journaling. Church volunteers painted the walls and created the costumes in this large, friendly, and inviting facility located on the third floor.
Goliath Games